human cost - data challenge

The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards hosted a mini visualization challenge for designers and non-designers alike in March 2014. David McCandless's organization hosts regular design challenges that are open for the public to participate in. This particular challenge asked designers to create a visual that depicts the price of human life. Being a serious topic of which I had very little knowledge, I wanted to take this opportunity to learn about what's happening in today's world. Featuring information all the way from Ancient Egypt through present day, the data was an eye-opener to say the least. My goal in creating this infographic was to not reduce these people to mere data. Because of this, I chose to utilize the human silhouette. The shelves these silhouettes are resting on are representative of stock shelving in many retail stores today. My information graphic was featured on the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards shortlist at the beginning of April 2014! It was showcased in the top 10 of the static visualization category, among other awesome entries. See the winners here:

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