white rabbit custom hookahs - brand identity

White Rabbit is a service that offers customers unique hookahs crafted out of the alcohol bottle of their choosing. These hookahs are used for smoking molasses-based flavored tobacco, called shisha. Named after one of the characters from Lewis Carroll’s 1865 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, White Rabbit’s branding and illustrative qualities take inspiration from mid-19th century print design. Our goal with White Rabbit’s branding was to present the age-old art of smoking hookah as both sophisticated and modern. To create this identity, we blurred vintage line qualities with more contemporary design elements, including the thin-san serif font and overall minimalism. To keep this look consistent, our product photographs were taken primarily with dark, minimal backgrounds. Social media played a vital role in giving White Rabbit the exposure it needed. To reach the 18-30 year-old audience we were targeting, we needed to provide frequent Facebook and Instagram posts. In order to bring more awareness of what our product offers, we focused primarily on hookah imagery and lifestyle photos. All photographs of our product were taken with dark, minimal backgrounds to keep consistent with our brand’s identity. My contributions to White Rabbit’s social media included brainstorming what content we needed viewers to see. This included photographing product shots that create a cohesive look and display the hookahs themselves. I also posted occasional content to remind followers of our multiple social media platforms.

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